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Welcome to "town Yugawara-machi of four seasons Aya". We welcome heartily.

Mayor of Yugawara Yukihiro Tomita
The mayor of Yugawara
Yukihiro Tomita

Mayor of YUGAWARA-Town

 Southeast expects Mikata from Gulf of Sagami among the mountains of Hakone Izu, and Yugawara-machi located in doorway of Izu at approximately 90km from southwest edge, Tokyo of Kanagawa is town of scenic sightseeing to wait, and to have various expressions including regular to be fragrant, and to drift of comfortable natural environments and history culture such as the sea, mountain, river.
 Because it was superior with effect, it prospered after spring quality that hot spring which sprang out, and flowed was very refined as spa from the times in distance all ages and developed after Meiji as rest place of writer artist doing calligraphy.

 Besides, "maple town" that "satsukino breathing townsman joint ownership town" that Gulf of Sagami, Izu Peninsula can overlook Kanto's leading "curtain mountain Bairin" number one in Japan footbath facility "hot water standing alone" which is property to be able to be proud of opened to the public in 2006 is sending nationwide development of "Yugawara literary prize" and information full of charm to the whole country now ceaselessly.
 We are convinced that seasonal expression that rich nature weaves can be surely satisfied with coming people.

 We let interchange of people cooperate with such area resources organically and will push forward "cheerful town development with ease and dream" in future.
 All of you who looked at this homepage wait to come to "Yugawara-machi" heartily.

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