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Community bus

We examined introduction of community bus for the purpose of correspondence to support of elderly person and vulnerable road users, public transport inconvenient local cancellation and carryall supply and demand adjustment deregulation from 1998.

As countermeasure of supply and demand adjustment deregulation of carryall planned in 2001, we carried out periodical service of community bus after proof experiment service (from January to June in 2000) in July, 2000.

By this service, elderly person and vulnerable road users can use anyone of townsman from the start and are connected in getting security to be able to go at destination without elderly person borrowing whose hand particularly, and community bus itself expects that it is in place of local community.

[service section] Yugawara Station - Manazuru Station (service course)

[the time required]   20 minutes (in dream park, rabbit swamp way 25 minutes)
[service number of service] 11 roundtrip 22 flights/day (timetable)
        (as for 3 roundtrip six flights of them via dream park, rabbit swamp)

[fare] Adult 210 yen
       Child 110 yen (primary schoolchild)
         ※PASMO, Suica is available.

                     ※There is discount system of intellectual child with a disability person physical child with a disability person.
         Certificate of the physically disabled or intellectual person with a disability who receives grant of nursing notebook
         The first kind: Person 50% discount, care giver 50% discount (as for the discount of care giver only as for one person)
         The second kind: There are no person 50% discount, care giver discount
           Please refer to Hakone mountain climbing bus homepage for the details.
[commuter pass]   ○One month 8,820 yen /3 for commuting or 25,140 yen a month /6 or 47,630 yen a month
          ○One month 7,560 yen /3 for attending school or 21,550 yen a month /4 or 28,730 yen a month
             We sell in "the Yugawara station square information desk" and "Yugawara Office" of Hakone mountain climbing bus.
           Please use for commuting, attending school, everyday going out.
[service management] Hakone mountain climbing bus


※ For bus which it was easy to use more, we changed timetable and part course of "flight via dream park, rabbit swamp" from April 1, 2015. Please see this about contents for change.

Timetable 1
Timetable 2

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