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Yugawara Art Museum

The appearance

Hot spring resort where Yugawara was known from the times of all ages. A lot of painter and literary people who loved this ground come.

Art museum where town Yugawara art museum collects works of connection in Seiho Takeuchi and Soutarou Yasui, Yugawara including Katsumi Miyake. We redecorated well-established inn in 1998 and were opened as "art museum related to Yugawara".

We founded "Reiji Hiramatsu hall" which displayed work of artist painter, Reiji Hiramatsu who played an active part in the front line of Japanese painting circles in October, 2006, and put together with "theater" which displayed store product and we changed hall name in "municipality Yugawara art museum" and reopened.

In Japanese garden adjacent to art museum, we can enjoy cherry tree, the fresh green, seasonal scenery including colored leaves among the mountains of nature. In addition, in pond of garden, we raise precious "stock of water lily of Monet" which artist Hiramatsu was handed over to by Monet foundation.

With good-quality work of art, please spend time for healing.


It is without holiday and is opened in August.

We are opened every day in August.

Summer vacation is 2018 in this way line to art museum


Period from Saturday, July 21 to Friday, August 31
※It is without holiday and is opened in August.
※Primary and secondary student is free during period.

Friday, August 24 from 10:00 to 12:00
Under recruitment of child workshop participants

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Reiji Hiramatsu exhibition atelier


Public time from 9:30 to 15:30

○Atelier guidance by Reiji Hiramatsu honor director 
There is no plan in August.
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MUSEUM CAFE "and garden"


Store's name: MUSEUM CAFE "and garden" (and garden)
[business hours]
[day - tree] from 10:00 to 16:30
(last order 16:00)
[gold ... soil] from 10:00 to 21:00
                                             (last order 20:30)
            Holiday: Wednesday (opened on holiday), closed days of art museum
                                 ※There is discount privilege in person of art museum admission and townsman.
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Artist Reiji Hiramatsu takes office as honorary director

On opening of Reiji Hiramatsu exhibition atelier, it was taken office as honorary director of town Yugawara art museum artist Hiramatsu.
In Yugawara-machi New Year's Celebration on January 4, 2018, honorary director badge was conferred.

Exhibition held

Reiji Hiramatsu building

Series to follow painting①
Beginning of trip ...
1960s - 1980s

H30 age from Thursday, June 28 to Monday, October 1
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P city autumnal scenery

Reiji Hiramatsu "P city autumnal scenery"

Plan exhibition room

Reiji Hiramatsu building theme display - water lily ...

Reiji Hiramatsu "water lily of pond of Monet"

Reiji Hiramatsu "water lily of pond of Monet"


Store product display

Seiho Takeuchi "winter melon"

Seiho Takeuchi "winter melon"


News of summer vacation event
 We hold event of summer vacation for from Saturday, July 21 to Friday, August 31.
 During exhibition period, primary and secondary student is free.
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Private exhibition of artist Hiramatsu is held in Giverny Museum of Impressionism
 We are holding collection exhibition in France Giverny Museum of Impressionism
 ☞The details are this

Google Art Project

google art project

The "water lily of Monet" flowering situation

We do

[we flower today]
 August 18 
    Two bowls in front of the entrance

About "stock of water lily of Monet"

※There is no work of Claude Monet in this hotel. Stock of water lily which Monet drew is turned off for stock and brings up in pond of garden of this hotel.

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