The last update date: October 04, 2017

Library usage guidance

Opening time

From 9:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

 ※Both weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays are the same opening times.

 ※Opening time of period is 9:30 a.m. in the summer, too. Please be careful.


Closed days

  • (a) On Monday
    ※ When Monday is holiday, we are opened and are closed on Tuesday, the following day.
  • (i) *1 month is 4th every month for one day (rearranging day in hall)
    ※ When rearranging day in hall is Saturday and Sunday, we are closed on Tuesday, the following day.
  • (u) The next day of national holiday
    ※ When the next day is Saturday and Sunday, we are opened.
  • (e) The year-end and New Year holidays (from December 29 to January 3)
  • (o) Special rearranging period (approximately one week)
    ※We will tell about time separately.

Library calendar (closed days)

When we borrow for the first time


You register at counter, and please file.

One that we can borrow

To live in town.
One where it is gone to school commuting in town.
Person who lives in municipalities (Odawara, Minamiashigara, Manazuru, Hakone, Nakai, Oi, Matsuda, Yamakita, Kaisei) which concluded prefecture west district library wide area use agreement and Atami-shi.

The way of registration

You can confirm name and address, and please show (health insurance card, driver's license, student identification card) after filling out matter necessary for "use registration application" at counter on the first floor.

Rental score and rental period

Rental score

To ten points of one. But file film (video and DVD) is less than three points in one.

Rental period

As for the book, seeing and hearing documents such as two weeks, video or CD and magazine are one week.
(we cannot rent the latest issue of magazine)

Extension of rental period

Book can do extension during rental period of 2 weeks (when there is not reservation of other one).

We cannot extend seeing and hearing document and magazine.

When you file for extension on the telephone, please inform of number of library card or the name, phone number and title of book.

We can file for extension from the Internet. For more information, look here.

Debt person returns; person


Take out this (or magazine, seeing and hearing document) and library card which you want to borrow on rental counter on the first floor.


Return this (or magazine, seeing and hearing document) at return counter.
Library card is not necessary.

Return at the time of closing

When you return at the time of closing, please put in the return slot in the entrance right side.
(as for the return mouth, seeing and hearing document, bottom become slit of book or magazine the top.)

When book to be looking for is not found

Reservation, request

Please apply by "reservation, request application vote".

When we are loaning in book possessing, we do procedure awaiting return. <reservation>
We can borrow from other halls about book which we do not possess (you want, and please note that we may not attach). <request>

When we want to check

Reference book

There are various reference books including encyclopedia, yearbook, dictionary, statistics in basement reference library room.
※We cannot loan.

Retrieval service 

With PC (we install by one in the first floor and the second floor) for search, we can search possession document of library freely.

Reference ・

The staff looks for document depending on question. Please feel free to contact.

Copying service

One piece of monochrome 10 yen. Color one piece 50 yen (but as for the A3 size 80 yen) the first floor copy corner. (self-service)

※We can copy document of library within the Copyright Act. 

Internet service

We are doing use of note PC or in-hotel use (rental) of tablet terminal.

We can use Internet search once a day at Internet corner (learning corner) for one hour (we can extend for 30 minutes only when there is not the next reservation).

Apply in office on the second floor (there is use condition). In addition, we offer power supply for PC in PC priority seat.

Wireless LAN fleece pot

In the Internet corner (learning corner), connection to the Internet is possible using PC or smartphone for wireless LAN (we use email certification function using addresses such as text messages).

Document search/reservation, others from the Internet


 Using OPAC (online library catalogue) in the Internet, we can search possession document of Yugawara municipality library freely from homes.

 If we have you visit library where already has card once and receive issuance of temporary password, there are extension procedure (we remove thing which reservation of magazine, seeing and hearing document and other one depends on, borrowing document from other halls), inquiry of the use situation, record of favorite document during period of reservation of document loaning and document which he/she borrows.


※"User number" when we log in is number under bar code of your "library card". You omit hyphen (-), and please input only number of 9 figures. In addition, "user number" is printed on receipt to hand at the time of rental.


※※As a general rule, we will tell about communication about document made a reservation with by email from the Internet top. As registration, change of address is possible from "change of e-mail address" of "use inquiry", I would like registration beforehand (which "future contact information changes to this address", please put check in both items of "we change contact information of registered reservation in this address").


◆Depending on setting such as unwanted e-mail filters, we may not receive email from library. In that case, please receive "" by setting such as unwanted e-mail filters.

QR code

QR code


◆Use, please use or right QR code by collection of books search with cell-phone.

Reference about this information


Phone number 0465-63-4155  FAX number: 0465-62-0239

Inquiry from PC from the next link

Inquiry form to Yugawara-machi library

Page of library is this place

Hometown tax

Hometown tax


Traffic access to Yugawara-machi

Yugawara-machi government office
Address: 〒 259-0392 2-2-1, Chuo, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa telephone: 0465-63-2111 FAX: 0465-63-4194