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Famous place, historic site

Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot

We raise an army, and Yoritomo Minamoto who opened the Kamakura Shogunate settles Genji of Kanto and beats Heike. We are told that life was saved in synergism of Yoritomo and fruit flat no good luck and Yugawara power in the process. The actualized power is said to be Yugawara triple power spot of Kusuki (kusunoki) power, juniper (byakushin) power, curtain rock (rock to surround) power.


Its. Health, security, victory Kusuki (camphor tree) power of Gosho-jinja Shrine

 We can win prevention of senility, game of chance and new business by healthy longevity!

 The location: 359-1, Miyashita, Yugawara-machi 


Its two. Trust, the friendship, favor juniper (juniper) power of request for castle temple

 Person saving predicament that the friendship to get close friend continues appears!

 The location: 252, Shirohori, Yugawara-machi  

Triple power spot cover

Its three. Love, taking the Buddhist vows, devotion curtain rock (makuiwa) power of curtain mountain

 Even if there is hardship, romance accomplishes. Heart of devotion to bite at stone is handed down to partner!

 The location: 951-1, Kajiya, Yugawara-machi


 We installed "window of power"!



Request for castle temple

"Distant, Sanehira Dohi is flat", and there are image of father and son, Toi family vault place (five-ring tower: Kanagawa designated historic spot), seven horse men temple, "byakushinno tree" of natural treasure said to be 800 years years old powerful family of land. (Soto sect)
The location 252, Shirohori
Traffic It is a 10-minute walk from Yugawara Station
Contact information 0465-62-4010
Juniper of request for castle temple

**Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot **

Juniper (juniper) power

Myriad green leaves park

Park of forest and spring. Of raccoon dog Fukugami Corporation, tea-ceremony room where enshrined ei tta monument inscribed with a tanka poem, monument, raccoon dog of Doppo Kunikida with only one "hot spring" in Manyoshu tanka collection is dotted with "bowers in all ages", and there is footbath facility "hot water standing alone" in the deepest part.
The location It is 704 in shrine
Traffic It is Ochiai Hashimoto car in waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara immovable from Yugawara Station
Contact information 0465-62-3761
Myriad green leaves park

shitodono cave (rock)

Yoritomo Minamoto rises in arms, and, party who lost for battle of Mt. Ishibashi, more than 20 Ishibotoke is enshrined in Toi mountains in secret Iwaya to escape from eyes of pursuer in the case of escape. It becomes designated historic spot of Kanagawa.

The location



From Yugawara Station by bus for Moto-Hakone via large Kanzan
shitodono cave getting off

shitodono cave (rock)

Firmness waterfall

mei* of drop 15m. deyodaikokuson is enshrined on victim God of Fire, the right side on the left side of waterfall.

The location It is 750 in shrine
Traffic Takishita car immovable in waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara immovable from Yugawara Station
Firmness waterfall


Great master, Seiho Takeuchi of Kyoto painting circles that spent later years in Yugawara. After the death, pupils erected writing-brush burial mound based on design which artist home Otori created during the lifetime. Writing brush which great painter used habitually is put under the tower. (Soto sect)
The location 136-1, Izumi, Atami-shi
Traffic Utopia gets off Yugawara Station in immovable waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara
Contact information 0465-62-2219

Fukusen-ji Temple

It is said that Buddha image of rare ceramics only for the top made from shoulder because Prince Nagoya lord of a castle Mitsutomo Tokugawa condoles with late mother. It was enshrined originally in Nagoya-jo Castle, but was dedicated to Fukusen-ji Temple after the war. (Soto sect)
The location 191, Izumi, Atami-shi
Traffic Spring entrance gets off Yugawara Station in immovable waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara
Contact information 0465-62-2354
Neck great statue of Buddha of Fukusen-ji Temple

Gosho-jinja Shrine

Shinto shrine to sail up until (the Nara era) when omen is old, and nikenkagakorejojukore and others reclaimed Yugawara. In the case of raising an army, Yoritomo Minamoto prays for the victory for powerful family of land, Jiro Dohi fruit flat ga heroine Izu, and anecdote that delivered sword which we attached to waist remains. What spring out, and widen branch prefectural road "Kusu of Myojin." More than estimated 800 years years old, it is huge tree of grass 15.6m.
The location 359-1, Miyashita
Traffic In waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara immovable from Yugawara Station
Gosho-jinja Shrine getting off
Contact information 0465-62-5869
Gosho-jinja Shrine

**Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot **

Kusuki (camphor tree) power

Sky Teruyama Shrine

Deep Tachiki of sky Teruyama and flower every season color Shinto shrine. A large number of believers come for annual festival of May from the whole country, and it is surrounded every year by bustle of a time. Waterfall of white cloud and waterfall of coming and going are near.
The location In shrine
Traffic Sky Teruyama Shrine gets off Yugawara Station by Moto-Hakone line bus via large Kanzan
Sky Teruyama Shrine

Camellia temple

Approximately 250 kinds, 1,000 camellias are worth seeing. Plum, wild cherry tree, Prunus donarium, rhododendron are buried among flowers in sequence in spring. There is animal protection shrine dedicated to the matchmaking Kannon, ghost of pet. Gulf of Sagami is blessed with magnificent views to look around from the start to Boso Peninsula on day when it was fine. (Nichiren sect)
The location 232, Izumi, Atami-shi
Traffic It is Ochiai Hashimoto car in waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara immovable from Yugawara Station
Contact information 0465-62-3894

Yugawara Onsen and writer

■ Doppo Kunikida Walking alone came for rest to old "Nakanishi" 3 times in later years and wrote short story.
What spelled feeling of tragic love to hear what maid of old "Nakanishi" with goodwill married into from "Yugawara." In addition, wrote by treat for the eye three times; "go to Yugawara", and one paragraph "that, as it were, there was cloud thought to push its way deeply is ticked away in all ages by walking alone literature monument in park when left for valleys of hot water ke Hara" in no.
■ Toson Shimazaki On the masterpiece "break of day," we needed great trouble from collecting documents to writing. By the advice of Mrs. Shizuko who was anxious about health of husband, Fujimura came to relax slowly in Ito-ya inn for several days after quarterly manuscript presentation. Fujimura monument inscribed with a poem is still left at Ito-ya inn.
■ Soseki Natsume The last novel "light and shade" of Soseki publishes serially in the Asahi Shimbun to 188 times and is work which became unfinished by the death. The stage turned from 170 times in Yugawara, and hot-spring hotel "Amanoya" and "immovable waterfall" which stayed by oneself came up in work.
■ Akiko Yosano Akiko Yosano on behalf of Japanese fair sex literary world often visited former "pearl-so" of Yoshihama at the initial time of the Showa era. We loved Sakura Oshima of garden of doso deeply and composed on many songs associated with Yugawara including "you were piled up in heap of-so zakura island of pearl of Yoshihama, and do you get on the sea?".


On February 26, 1936, unprecedented coup attempt case "2.26 case" occurred in Japanese modern history. By this case, the only spot is "breeze-so" of Yugawara any place other than Tokyo.
In former annex "breeze-so of well-established inn Ito-ya," we display documents such as memento and photograph, newspaper at the time concerned and carry out facility information by sightseeing volunteer. (weekday visit needs prior reservation.)

2.26 case and Yugawara, display introduction of breeze-so are this


The location It is 562-3 in shrine
Business hours Saturday and Sunday, celebration from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (reception desk deadline 2:30 p.m.)
Weekdays only as for the reservation. (please make a reservation by one week.)
※ We are opened on February 26. We do not need reservation.
Traffic Park entrance gets off Yugawara Station in immovable waterfall, bass for depths Yugawara
Contact information 0465-63-2111 extension number 232 (Regional Policy Division)

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