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Hiking course (Kamakura Shogunate good luck way) 


 There is hiking course in muddy places such as the shade. You confirm the equipment, and please pass with caution.


※In the way knowing from the top in front of the Hakone radar station, Toi Osugi entrance Toi Osugi trace, silver forest road, it is impassableness now because it is under construction. (it is plan until about the end of March, 2019, but may extend by progress of construction.)

※ It is recommended season in season in hiking course.
※ In each hiking course map it is which "vehicle traffic is impossible in the blue way" saying "vehicle traffic is possible in the green way".

※ Wild animals such as monkey, wild boar, snake may appear frequently. You are thoughtless and approach, and please do not feed.

※ We will leave quietly if we find bee. When we make noise and shake off by hand, we are excited and may attack.



Kamakura Shogunate good luck way

■ Yoritomo Minamoto and Yugawara
We lost in revolt of Heiji, and Yoritomo Minamoto washed down by Izu got help of Tokimasa Hojo and powerful family, Sanehira Dohi and others of land on August 17, 1180 (Jisho 4) and raised soldier of Heike overthrow at last.
We defeat Izu country assistant governor, Kanetaka Yamaki and give glory to first match, but suffer complete defeat by stone bridge Yamaai war in the Kagechika Oba forces having military power 10 times as large as ally.
Yoritomo escaped in seven people in mountains whether master followed, and stayed to sinus of cave and big tree by information for Sanehira Dohi, distant flat father and son who assumed this neighborhood territory and exchanged pursuer of enemy. (shichikiraku)
The Yoritomo master and servant who hid in cave then is discovered by Kagetoki Kajiwara of flat family circles, but we overlook at the time of view on purpose, and anecdote that helped Yoritomo remains.
Fruit flat ga is small boat which Yoritomo who had narrow escape from death arranged, and he plans comeback after this in Awa country (South Chiba).
Although lost; Yoritomo is son of a noble family of the Genji direct line of descendant. Warriors of Bando rush in sequence and they lead big army from defeat on October 7 after 1 only in the middle of a month and they enter Kamakura magnificently and harden power steadily.
It is about October 21 after this half moon that we meet with younger brother, Yoshitsune Minamoto for the first time.

※ About main historic spots, we are listed in each hiking course.

Shiroyama hiking course

In course tracing historic spot of the time when Yugawara was called Toi volost, we do true flat no family temple castle wish temple, town and Toi castle trace (the Shiroyama mountaintop) of hydrangea and do and go round which caves while enjoying "spring / Shiroyama hiking course" view. From the Shiroyama mountaintop, we can overlook Sagami rough sea from the start to Izu Peninsula, Hatsushima, Oshima.
■ Sanehira Dohi image
Sanehira Dohi image

Sanehira Dohi who was military commander of native district saved this in Yoritomo Minamoto quickly and we saved the emergency and, for stone bridge Yamaai war, left achievements many as the military supervisor, thief-arresting official, dignitary of samurai class for Toi Sugiyama in Kamakura Shogunate outset.
Public wife changes figure to people and farmer and deceives enemy and carries food to the Yoritomo master and servant lying hidden in Sugiyama and conveys the news and is full as mirror of wife of bujin in coming ages. In commemoration of Yoritomo Minamoto raising an army 800 years and the Doi society foundation 50th anniversary, Prince Sanehira Dohi bronze statue was erected in front of Yugawara Station.

■ Request for castle temple
Request for castle temple

Brave man powerful family Jiro Dohi fruit flat no family temple which protected Yoritomo Minamoto in old days of approximately 800 years.
It is one of the places wanting you to visit by all means in knowing Toi family vault that received Kanagawa cultural assets designation, Yoritomo Minamoto seven horse men temple (temple where seven Yoritomo Minamoto master and servant, Sanehira Dohi, Munetoo Tsuchiya, Yoshizane Okazaki, Nobutsuna Tashiro, Morinaga Adachi, warrior image of Tadashi Shinkai which lost for stone bridge Yamaai war are enshrined) which played an active part for Genji revival, natural monument byakushinnado of 800 years years old, the history of Yugawara in the precincts.

■ byakushin

800 years nobyakushin which is chosen as 100 selections of Kanagawa fragrant woods of high quality in natural monument of country years old.
We led the Yoritomo forces who nominated soldier for Genji revival from Izu on August 19, 1180 (Jisho 4) to castle wish temple and left the military here for four days and watched change of the situation of the world after raising an army, but plane finally became ripe and marched towards Kamakura on the early morning of 23rd and developed stone bridge Yamaai round.
It is said that request for castle temple precincts nobyakushinha, Yoritomo planted in departure for coming ages.

■ shitodono cave
shitodono cave

Cancer cave which did komorisen that Yoritomo Minamoto rose in arms in Mt. Ishibashi on August 23, 1180 and beat after war in army of Kagechika Oba on 24th, the following day, and to watch plane of revival.
It is "shitodono cave" coming out to Iwaya of mountains saying to Azuma mirror, description of competition between two teams ups and downs. There are much Ishibotoke guardian deities of children such as propagating Buddhism Great Teacher Ishibotoke groups in hallowed ground of Jizo cult near by.

■ The Shiroyama ruins of a castle



The mountains of Yugawara Station northwest with shitodono cave are called Shiroyama, and monument of "Toi ruins of a castle" is built on the mountaintop when castle of Doi is built once, but detailed thing including the scale does not know at time when castle was built.
In the Shiroyama mountaintop, in the Gulf of Sagami, it is in view spot greatest in Shiroyama hiking course that even Izu Peninsula, Hatsushima, Oshima can overlook from the start.

Mt. Nango hiking course

In Mt. "Mt. early summer / Nango hiking course" Nango, star ka mountain, it is the best among Yugawara and is course suitable for good walkers who can enjoy wonderful view as we compete for two. Please take a walk while thinking for period of hardship of own model water and samurai family society birth including path Jizoji mansion trace said to that Yoritomo decided suicide.

■ Mt. star ka Park

  satsukino volost




Does swing bell erected newly in "satsukino Sagami rough sea opening under eyes and azure town" that can look around the sea not clap its "bell of tomoai?"
In transparent tone, wind of refreshing "satsuki" plays beautiful harmony. 

■ Path guardian deity of children
  Terayashiki temple trace
We lost for battle of Mt. Ishibashi, and Yoritomo master and servant seven horse men who suffered a crushing defeat by Horiguchi battle more wandered in Sugiyama mountains and finally discovered this temple in star ke mountains stomach.
Master of temple pure sea chief bonze of a temple hid one Yoritomo in hole under floor of temple and oneself had what look not to eat and was doing Zen meditation of religious service in evening. Army of Kagechika Oba of pursuer came there and blamed the pure sea in green bamboo saying "Yoritomo will hide", but has ceased to breathe without confessing at last.
Pursuer dispersed soon, and the area fell silent.
As there was figure of the poor pure sea when Yoritomo went out of floor bottom quietly, we spilled tears of love and sympathy. As tears of Yoritomo declined in throat of the pure sea, he came back to life.
When Yoritomo holds the political power before long in Kamakura, we give glebe to repay the loyalty of the pure sea quickly and build temple, and it is said that we gave designation of Yoritomo mountain path temple.
We were rebuilt afterwards in disappearance, the current ground (temple painted in red along Route 135) by fire of 1265.

■ Tateishi
Yoritomo Minamoto throws out this stone to test of luck, and stone which we pray God saying "time when oneself takes the world sometime if we stand perpendicularly comes, but there is not in the times of Yoritomo and will fall as it is if it falls down without standing" and threw stands in halfway up a mountain of mountain wonderfully, and it is said that it contributes to the fact that, and luck built cut open and dried, the Kamakura Shogunate.

■ Own model water
In place where we went down the northern part of curtain mountain, platinum forest road to the north for approximately ten minutes, it is 5-6m in width, hollow of 7-8m in length.
When it rains by escape help of Sanehira Dohi by escape courses from defeat in Mt. Ishibashi to Osugi of Toi, it is in pond and reads this with own model (harm) water.
Yoritomo sees, and he appoints this water as mirror, and it is said that we dressed disheveled hair or were going to kill ourselves on seeing the haggard face.

Sky Teruyama hiking course

[course where is recommended to / sky Teruyama hiking course which "is wrapped in green and colored leaves, and wants to walk" in autumn. Please enjoy nature of depths Yugawara while going round waterfall of white cloud which carried away fine thread and sky Teruyama Shinto shrines to turn up beautiful seasonally while call of wild bird echoes through grove. New famous place, please extend means of transportation to "maple town".

■ ikeho "maple town"



New famous spot that is new in the ground of depths Yugawara known as beauty of colored leaves, ikeho "maple town."
Approximately 540 Japanese maple is planted in "maple town", and ikeho in hiking course can enjoy rich autumn scenery.

Curtain mountain hiking course

※ By season, there is point where some sections are muddy for spring between the Oishi ka flat ... curtain mountain range top. Please enjoy hiking after being careful enough.

We approach in front when we walk along clear stream of "Mt. winter / act hiking course" new Sakikawa so that curtain mountain covers the right side. At time of Yugawara Bairin "party of plum" holding, approximately 4,000 white plum blossoms, Japanese apricots with red blossoms bloom in profusion like "carpet" from mid-February through mid-March. Please enjoy Sagami rough sea which you can see from the curtain mountain range top and seasonal flower.

■ Bus for curtain mountain park which is very convenient for curtain mountain Park, curtain mountain hiking is operated.

From Yugawara Station

9:00, 10:00, 12:05, 14:46, 15:50

From curtain mountain Park

9:20, 10:20, 12:25, 15:09, 16:10

In addition, during "party of plum" period, we have fee for entering kindergarten (200 yen).
In addition, please use extra bus for Yugawara Bairin (curtain mountain Park).

■ Curtain mountain

Curtain mountain


When mandarin orange field bursts along new Sakikawa, there is a kind of trout trout fishing ground that we made use of clear stream in and approaches in front so that curtain mountain covers if we look up at the right from water purification plant.
Sound of water echoes in quietness, and the neighborhood of one shallow of upper reaches plays concert of Nature for large rock face of curtain mountain soaring from the bottom of the gorge.
Course of very large grassy plain walking Hakone outer rim of a volcanic crater foot of a mountain is treasure house of wild plants, and wild flower group pleases eyes of hiker depending on season. Please thoroughly enjoy splendid view at 626m above sea level.
In addition, curtain mountain Park comprises athletic field in park which just kept nature in the foot of curtain mountain alive and can enjoy from adult to child.

■ Yugawara Bairin

Yugawara Bairin


In curtain mountain Park which is in curtain mountain, there is "Yugawara Bairin" of Japanese eminence, and "party of plum" is held from early February through mid-March.
On magnificent natural scenery and foot of a mountain slope of "curtain mountain" to be able to come across, approximately 4,000 Japanese apricots with red blossoms, white plum blossoms bloom in profusion like "carpet of plum" throughout the year, and the garden is wrapped in flavor of plum.

yugawara walk map (general view)

yugawara walk map
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