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  • Yugawara-machi issuance quarterly paper "Off" back number

    October 01

    Yugawara-machi issuance quarterly paper "Off" back number

    Back number of Yugawara-machi issuance quarterly paper "Off" from this. We can see "Off making video from this, too".

  • Play; experience, leisure

    July 06

    Play; experience, leisure

    Please thoroughly enjoy hot spring of scenery and healing full of nature of Yugawara including hiking, art museum, experience classroom, sports.

  • Modern version hot spring cure fango

    April 27

    Modern version hot spring cure fango

    fango is hot spring cure using mud which matured in hot spring. Historical surgical operation that becomes insurance application by origin in Italy at the home. Do you not experience modern hot spring cure in mud which matured in high quality Yugawara Onsen?

  • Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot

    November 30

    Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot

    We are said that life was saved in synergism of Yoritomo and fruit flat no good luck and Yugawara power that founded the Kamakura Shogunate. The actualized power is said to be Yugawara triple power spot of Kusuki power, juniper power, curtain rock power.

  • Hot spring "kogomeno hot water" slowly one-day for one day

    November 09

    Hot spring "kogomeno hot water" slowly one-day for one day

    Of the forest where hit, and there is soaking body in smooth hot water while being fragrant, and warming silently, and bathing in comfortable wind; relievedly ☆Please relax with Yugawara Onsen "kogomeno hot water" in breath.

  • It became easy to use free Wi-Fi spot.

    September 15

    It became easy to use free Wi-Fi spot.

    As anyone can use the Internet casually from terminals such as smartphones, please use!

  • Famous place, historic site

    July 20

    Famous place, historic site

    [myriad green leaves park] Park of forest and spring. There is footbath facility "bath standing alone" in the deepest part. [firmness waterfall] mei* of drop 15m. deyodaikokuson is enshrined on victim God of Fire, the right side on the left side of waterfall.

  • One-day hot spring

    July 20

    One-day hot spring

    It is excellent hot water and Yugawara Onsen to be informed for a long time. Spring quality is alkalescent, and, as for the effect, neuralgia and low back pain, woman's illness have particularly big effect commencing with cut, blow, injury widely. One-day hot spring is popular, too.

  • Here sill Yugawara

    April 20

    Here sill Yugawara

    We are doing delivery of application "here sill Yugawara" displaying information necessary for town walks such as restaurant, inn or tourist facility in the town block to mobile devices such as smartphones.

  • Trip bicycle ♪ (rent-a-bicycle)

    September 06

    Trip bicycle ♪ (rent-a-bicycle)

    You can enjoy comfortable eco trip by bicycle with electric assist to attendant of trip how is rental of bicycle♪

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Yugawara-machi Instagram

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Triple power spot

Triple power spot

Myriad green leaves park

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