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Monday, June 12, 2017

The 19th Yugawara-machi ground golf meet

Ground golf meet by sports promotion committee was held in beach park on Sunday, June 11.

Ground golf hits ball with club like golf and counts at bats before holing in the hall post.
Using exclusive club, ball, the hall post, start mat, we can set the number of distance and hall posts freely by place, and rule is easy, too.
Therefore, anyone can enjoy easily anywhere.
In addition, there is hole in one, and, in that case, privilege to subtract three hits from total at bats of each own hall is established, and invention to raise encouragement and will of player is done.

We had participation of 83 people (18 teams).

Chairperson Kato of sports promotion committee gave greetings to opening ceremony.

We had you explain explanation of rule successively from Komatsu committee of the ground golf head.

There was local rule only for this meeting, and players confirmed.

★Nice shot

☆Nice in

Meeting result

[personal part]
Championship Seki minesan (joint team)
Runner up Umeko Agena (in shrine Eiwa meeting)
Third place Katsufumi Kawaguchi (fidelity society)


[part of group]

Championship sky mountain B
It is Eiwa meeting in runner up shrine
Third place Miyashita GG club

All of sky mountain B, congratulations.

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