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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

It is daring, and miniature shrine goes in dancing hot water! We worship for hot water

On Saturday, May 27, festival was held for hot water.

It is annual, this familiar festival in Yugawara-machi, do you know the origin?
Because hot water of here worked for all sorts of disease, they were barreled in the Edo era and gave to Imperial Villa and large prestigious family, and people called this with "hot water journey".
This what reproduced ceremony to pray for security of journey, and to write hot water, and to purify in the case of departure of the presentation hot water miniature shrine; is "festival for hot water".

8:00 p.m. When festival car passes on drum and bell, miniature shrine comes up successively.
Barrel which hot water fully entered is prepared for roadside, and people who were here for sightseeing hang hot water in miniature shrine using pail like a brick!

When miniature shrine arrives at sightseeing hall in sequence, we parade around open space with energetic shout and bathe in hot water.

In bath flying in the sky, all are dripping wet!
It is marched in miniature shrine afterwards towards Izumi Park. Adult participated in people who came for sightseeing from child and enjoyed daring festival.

2017/05/31 18:13 | Event

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