The last update date: April 18, 2018

Information for application that there is no only Yugawara-machi widow (husband) subtraction

 We are single and consider that "widow (husband) subtraction" in the tax law is applied about services such as child care or the welfare targeting at single-parent families bringing up child younger than 20 years in Yugawara-machi from April, 2018 and we do "only system widow (husband) subtraction" to perform reductions of use charges and carry out application.

Person who is targeted for 1

 It is person meeting all of next (1) - (3) at present situation day (December 31 of age to become a target to calculate income) and the point of application that we consider, and become a target of application.

(1) Person that there is child who has not married and is mother whom marriage state does not have or father now, and shares living younger than 20 years.

(2) Person who does not become spouse and support relative who child of (1) is 380,000 yen or less such as gross income amounts of money, and are targeted for subtraction of other people.

(3) Person who is with less than 5 million yen of total income amount of money in the case of father.

※Note: There is not marriage registration and in fact is not intended for catching one in circumstances like the virtual marriage, widow (husband) subtraction in the tax law.

Business that is targeted for 2

○Target business, application window
Target business Application window
Nursery school, kindergarten childcare charges Child support section
Local life support project Social welfare section
The council house fee for use Social welfare section
Private kindergarten entering encouragement subsidy School Education Division
 Please apply at application window of business to use.
 In each target business, we perform recomputation of judgment of the right or wrong of receipt of service and self-burden.

 ※It may become out of application object to judge based on requirements that each note 1 business determines.

 ※When you apply for note 2 falsehood, you consider and cancel application, and please return the total amount for addition of the total amount or the amount of payment for reduction of cancellation of receipt possibility of service or use charges that you consider and occurred by application.

 ※We consider note 3 and, as a general rule, confirm target important matter every business after the conduct of application in the year. In addition, when change is in the situation of income and household, we have you submit notification of change and do recomputation of use charges.
 Nursery school childcare charges and the council house fee for use, business to carry out of Yugawara-machi including welfare system apply.
(requirements vary according to business)

3 application documents (attached documents)

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 ◆Attached documents
   All the family registers matter certificate (or copy of Child Rearing Allowance paper) of applicant, child

 ※In addition, we consider as needed and may demand presentation of document necessary for application.

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 ○Overall system: Child support charging talk: 0465-63-2111
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