The last update date: July 17, 2018

We start Drive recorder setting promotion business

Summary of business

 For the purpose of decrease in improvement and traffic accident of careful driving awareness, restraint of crime, we purchase Drive recorder newly from April, 2018 and, for which we installed in car (two cars, vehicle for business, vehicle of sale purpose are excluded), assist purchase costs and installation costs.
 As prior application is necessary, please apply to town with required documents together before purchasing.

Supporting amount of money

 1/2 (upper limit 10,000 yen/) of Drive recorder purchase costs (we include installation costs)

Acceptance start

 From Monday, April 2, 2018

Reception desk place

 Yugawara-machi town development section

About application method

Flow until subsidy grant

 ①Please submit one set of grant application <style first ... 4 issue and attached documents> to town before the Drive recorder purchase.

 ②I hand grant decision letter of advice later from town.
  (supporting amount of money is undecided at this stage.)

 After the receipt of letter of advice, you purchase Drive recorder, and please install.

 ④After the setting completion, please submit one set of results report <style eighth issue and attached documents> to town.

 ⑤I hand determination of supporting amount of money letter of advice later from town.

 ⑥You fill in bill <style tenth> based on determination of supporting amount of money letter of advice, and please submit to town.

 ⑦Subsidy is transferred to account listed in bill by town.
  ※We do not perform grant by cash.

About supporting target person

 In individual, corporation having address in town
 ・Car which was listed in automatic car inspection visa (done plan) to install Drive recorder in
 ・One in town tax without nonpayment
 ・Person who is not gang or gangster
 ・Police which can provide recorded data when it is necessary in the investigation
 ・Reporting careful driving managers (only in the applicable one)
 ・One that can use Drive recorder which caught assistance after the setting more than three years

About function of Drive recorder

 It is for Drive recorder with three next functions.
 ①We start recording automatically when we start the engine
 ②We can record by regular recording more than 2 million pixels of number of the effective pixels more than four hours
  (including preservation time such as memory card)
 ③Recorded data can reproduce with PC


 ※We purchased that we were targeted for assistance after the grant decision.
  When we purchase before grant decision, we are excluded.

 ※Condition of function is to target Drive recorder.
  When we do not meet condition, we cannot issue subsidy. 
  Please confirm condition before the purchase.

 ※When you withdraw change and application of application contents, please report by style sixth.

Supporting summary

Style (application others)

When we apply for grant

Grant application

Style first (Article 7 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :80.6KB

As for the tax rolls affecting situation investigation as for the tax payment, it is reading written consent

Style second (Article 7 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :75.5KB

As for the tax rolls affecting situation investigation as for the tax payment, it is tables such as reading written consent full names
※Only in the case of corporation, applicant, please submit.

Tables such as full names. pdf
Portable Document Format :62.7KB

Gang or gangster and written oath of not being related

Style third (Article 7 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :63KB

Written consent of cooperating with the investigation of the police

Style fourth (Article 7 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :63.9KB

Attached documents
・Copy of automatic car inspection visa
(when we purchase vehicle newly or we lease in substitution for automatic car inspection visa copy of car sales contract or lease contract)

・Copy of identification of careful driving manager and identification of vice-careful driving manager
 (only in the case of office setting up careful driving manager and vice-careful driving manager)

 It is this about careful driving manager and vice-careful driving manager
 (Kanagawa Prefectural Police homepage)

When we change withdrawal, contents of application

Setting contents change, cancellation notification form

Style sixth (Article 9 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :54.3KB

When we do report after the purchase

Results report

Style eighth (Article 10 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :77.5KB

Attached documents
・Copy of receipt which purchase costs of Drive recorder and installation costs can identify
・Copying of thing which can confirm function of Drive recorder
・Photograph (thing which we took of thing which we took of the whole vehicle from the front, the Drive recorder body) after setting

※When you do not submit copy of automatic car inspection visa at the time of application, please submit copy of in total automatic car inspection visa.

When we demand subsidy


Style tenth (Article 12 relations) .pdf
Portable Document Format :60.3KB

Entry example of each document

Entry example

Entry example. pdf
Portable Document Format :194.4KB





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