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"Town "yugawara agriculture and forestry fisheries Festival" of four seasons Aya"
We hold "mandarin orange gourmet & sweets summit 2018 in Yugawara" at the same time!

 We hold event to introduce agriculture and forestry marine product of our town and citrus fruit artefact of Yugawara neighborhood district widely, and to advertise, and to plan company promotion to understanding and commerce and industry activity for agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry at the same time. We raise awareness such as processing companies which utilized producer and local resources and deepen interchange with local resident and promote expansion of activation, stockbroker consumption of town in all Yugawara.
 In addition, this event does wide area development in Yugawara-machi, Manazuru-machi and aims at promotion of local production for local consumption that is synergistic as industrial development festival of agriculture and forestry marine product of both towns.

 We will tell all of you to be able to arrive.

・Town "yugawara agriculture and forestry fisheries Festival" of four seasons Aya
・Mandarin orange gourmet & sweets summit 2018㏌ Yugawara

 There are refreshment stand of taste with display spot sale and oldness of fresh local products, pleasant attraction!
 And at this time! Delicious mandarin orange gourmet, mandarin orange sweets flock!

  * Held date and time Saturday, January 20, 2018, 21st Sunday 10:00~15:00 (rainy weather decisive action)


  * Held place Yugawara beach park (11, Mongawa, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa)


    * References such as detailed contents,

     ・Town "yugawara agriculture and forestry fisheries Festival" of four seasons Aya executive committee

       Secretariat charge: Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Division (telephone 0465-63-2111, extension number 735)

     ・Mandarin orange gourmet & sweets summit executive committee
       The secretariat: Yugawara-machi business and industry society (telephone 0465-63-0111)

Agriculture and forestry fisheries Festival

♪At farm products expo corner, we accept display, sale of exhibition farm products.

♪Sale such as local vegetables, mandarin orange, fish which is fresh at sale corner.

♪In eating and drinking booth, farmhouse handicraft miso oden, udon, side, fried food of local fish, local gourmet ninai々* come and are sold sides.

♪At corner of mandarin orange gourmet & sweets summit, gourmet sweets awakened to the truth which cooked mandarin orange deliciously flock! At this opportunity, please taste!

♪As for the attractions, balloon trampoline, last mawashi, hip-hop dance, here yurukyara "Yugawara squadron yutapon five" holds various events wind music performance light.

 The restaurant pommel horse (MIKAN pizza) in list of people from mandarin orange summit branch which there was on the back of the flyer was not able to open a store by circumstances of diversity of shop. I'm sorry, we apologize to person looked forward to on this occasion.

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