The last update date: April 02, 2018

yugawara 2011 plan (Yugawara Machishin comprehensive plan) execution plan

 We aim at realization of image "town Yugawara of four seasons Aya full of steam and smiles" in the future of town to fix for basic design and devise this execution plan to carry out each measure placed as basic plan in the latter period concretely.

 In addition, each business to publish in execution plan is business in plan development stage, and, also, the conduct year may be changed trend of assistance system of country, prefecture and change of social conditions by financial statuses of town.

Positioning in comprehensive plan

 Execution plan is placed in yugawara 2011 plan Yugawara Machishin comprehensive plan as follows.

Constitution of comprehensive plan

Period of execution plan

 Period of this plan is three years from 2016 (Heisei 28) to 2018 (Heisei 30).

 In addition, we are doing execution plan with plan period of three years, but shall perform degree review by rolling method every year to cope with financial statuses of change and town of social conditions flexibly.

Period of execution plan

From 2016 (Heisei 28) to 2018 (Heisei 30)

 ※Because we list name as of March, 2018 about jurisdiction section, it may be different from current jurisdiction section.

Collective version

.pdf for whole (2018 version)
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It is for the division

Cover and table of contents, summary of execution plan

00 execution plan _ covers and summary (P1-4) .pdf
Portable Document Format :403.6KB

Town development with turnout to overflow for basic aim 1 charm and vitality

01 basics aim 1 (P5-23) .pdf
Portable Document Format :809.6KB

Town development to assist basic aim 2 together, and to be able to live on smile for

02 basics aim 2 (P24-41) .pdf
Portable Document Format :629.5KB

Town development of security, relief that Aya and living harmonized with in the basic aim 3 four seasons

03 basics aim 3 (P42-64) .pdf
Portable Document Format :853.9KB

Town development to learn through basic aim 4 life, and to bring up rich heart

04 basics aim 4 (P65-83) .pdf
Portable Document Format :675KB

Town development of independence and collaboration to make with all basic aim 5

05 basics aim 5 (P84-89) .pdf
Portable Document Format :378.9KB

List of business according to jurisdiction section

List of business according to jurisdiction. pdf
Portable Document Format :384.3KB

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