• 2018 public information yugawara July issue

    July 01

    2018 public information yugawara July issue

    ☆Contents ☆It is event information / information open space in / summer when town-managed water rate and collective request of sewerage system usage fee begin from request in the 18th Yugawara literary prize work offer / August, 2018

Sightseeing topics

  • Inbound measures special seminar

    July 06

    Inbound measures special seminar

    Yugawara-machi and Gurunavi Inc. concluded partnership agreement on April 16, 2018. By this conclusion, we utilize tourist attractions of town and business infrastructure and know-how of Gurunavi Inc. and promote local activity.

  • Play; experience, leisure

    July 06

    Play; experience, leisure

    Please thoroughly enjoy hot spring of scenery and healing full of nature of Yugawara including hiking, art museum, experience classroom, sports.

  • Yugawara yassamatsuri 2018 ♪

    July 06

    Yugawara yassamatsuri 2018 ♪

    In noyassa parade, style of new song dance yassa parade and marine fireworks display are held for original form music ☆ three days for two days!

  • Modern version hot spring cure fango

    April 27

    Modern version hot spring cure fango

    fango is hot spring cure using mud which matured in hot spring. Historical surgical operation that becomes insurance application by origin in Italy at the home. Do you not experience modern hot spring cure in mud which matured in high quality Yugawara Onsen?

  • Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot

    November 30

    Kamakura Shogunate good luck way triple power spot

    We are said that life was saved in synergism of Yoritomo and fruit flat no good luck and Yugawara power that founded the Kamakura Shogunate. The actualized power is said to be Yugawara triple power spot of Kusuki power, juniper power, curtain rock power.

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